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by - Januari 31, 2021

Harry Potter Tag
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Jum'at, 29 Januari 2021, 13:47 WIB (lupa dipublish karena gue belum buka-buka blog lagi, hehehehehehe😆)


Heyhooo, it's raining outside!! I actually didn't plan to write this, because i already have one draft to share. But after i read Mbak Thessa's post about books that mentioned Harry Potter, this thing just suddenly comes to my mind.

I know guys, i might never tell you before that i'm a big fan of Harry Potter since i've never talked about it (but now you know😜). But because i realized that the last post was quite deep to share, i think i need to give a little refreshment in my blog😬. Plus, considering that i haven't made any one post of a fun tag or game, it might be interesting to do!

So, without any further do, let's jump right in the first ever post of Harry Potter! This time i challenge you, potterhead fellas to make a post of Harry Potter tag by answering some related questions below😆😉. Here we go!

1. What is your favorite book?

Since i was a kid, i have always been a big fan of The Prisoner of Azkaban because this one that has got me so much into wizarding world and be enchanted by. Well, doesn't mean the first two movies were bad at all. I was so impressed about them, but this one just really magical to me. But growing up as an adult, right after i read the sixth one, i preferred Half-Blood Prince as the most favorite book series since it's got more complicated and dark. It's full of emotion and i loved how the character development of each one.

2. Last favorite book?

Believe me, this one is pretty tough🤔. But to be completely honest, i wasn't really fascinated by the idea of the Triwizard Tournament in the Goblet of Fire. It gives me so many negative feelings towards the sacrifice, pressure and any orduel that Harry must face. Besides, i hate the fact that because this 'bloody' tournament was happening, Voldemort was reborn and began to overthrow the Ministry of Magic and the whole wizarding world itself. My beautiful Hogwarts shouldn't be destroyed! *Anyway, i can still enjoy the storyline.

3. Favorite movie?

My favorite movie is definitely going to be Prisoner of Azkaban! (As i mentioned before). It was the first time i've finally got to know more about time travel in the wizarding world of J.K Rowling. And yeah, i feel like so attached that i considered myself as a big big fan of HP! I loved Knight Bus!!

4. Least favorite movie?

Hmm.. Probably the Goblet of Fire. "Again, Awl?" Yeah because this time i just don't like the hair styles among all actors—except Hermione. Sorry. C'mon, wasn't there in a wizarding world any barbershop at all?

5. Favorite quotes?

"Happines can always be found, but only if you remember to turn on the light"—Professor Dumbledore.

6. Favorite Weasley?

Hey, who else has never been a big fan of the twins!? Of course we are! Since the very first series, Fred has always been my favorite Weasley with George. Very 'brilliant' character (and humorous). I loved all the jokes they had😝.

7. Favorite female character?

Hermione Jean Granger, definitely. She was a very strong figure—stunning, gorgeous of what she stands for—since the very beginning. Without her, it was possible Harry and Ron could have died in the first book.

8. Favorite villain?

If Severus Snape considered as a villain, then i'd love to choose him. But if he's not, i preferred Malfoy family (if they also count as one). The fact that they almost (or maybe already) put their shoes in Harry's side at the end of the story is very heartwarming. Just forget how coward they were portrayed in the movie, cause in the book they were actually not! (i mean not really🙄)

9. Favorite male character?

Harry Potter himself!  I think maybe due to the fact that Harry is the main character in this story (even his name is included in the title), we keep forgetting that after all it all started with Harry and he is the key to the wizarding world. We forget that he is the only character who isn't fake and innocent, who has to handle everything on his own and face a destiny that was neither his wish nor his fault at all. I mean, yes, he had been helped a lot by the people around his life, but in the end he has to tackle them all alone. Just like we who have struggled with our own lives in every situation. I also loved the way he's being real to everyone around him.

10. Favorite professor?

It was Professor McGonagall my favorite back then, when i was still a diligent and (very) bookworm person. Now i much prefer Lupin, i think he's the type of a teacher that an average student always want to be taught by. Such a humble professor.

11. Wash Snape's hair, or spend a day listening to Lockhart rant about himself?

Snape. Very easy🙉.

12. What house you're in?

I've gotten the sense since a kid that i was a hundred percent possibly sort in Gryffindor, and here i am, always placed on this gold lion badge in every quiz i take🦁.

13. What's your patronus?

Ragdoll Cat! I dunno why. Maybe because i'm a cat-person?

14. Travel to Hogwarts via Hogwarts Express or a flying car?

Hogwarts Express for no reason! I could just buy an enchanted flying car at Diagon Alley but i couldn't buy such big train and bring it to my home.

15. Ride a Hippogriff, or ride a Firebolt?

Hm, let's see here🤔 I'd love to ride a broomstick on my own but riding Hippogriff would be great too! But to be honest, i'm too scared to ride a 'flying' beast that i cannot take control over it, so Firebolt is genuinely the best choice for me.

16. Is there a character you felt differently about in the movies versus the books?

There were names, but the one that everyone possibly knows is Ginny Weasley. She's more a badass girl, such a bold, genuine, and smart character in the books yet in the movies she has only been portrayed like a charming, not really bold character and kind of a playgirl around Harry's life. I couldn't see any character development since her role in the movies wasn't that big.

17. Is there a movie you preferred over its book?

Honestly, i want to go with the first one, Sorcerer's Stone, but it's still nothing compared to the book knowing there's so many scenes that they didn't put into the movie (especially the first few chapters), so i may have to go with Deathly Hallows part one.

18.  Your top thing (person or event) which wasn't included in the movie that annoyed you the most?

Firstly, i was so extremely annoyed that they didn't put in Peeves the ghost in the movie. You know, i've got so frustrated imagining him only within my mind by never seeing his portrayal actually was. The second is going to be the scene when Draco Malfoy casts a spell to make Hermione's teeth long in the fourth book.

19. If you could remake any of the Potter movies, which would it be?

I'd pick Goblet of Fire, but not really change them anyways. I just want to cut their hair, and include all of the Dramione scenes in it. Yeah, i'm one of the Dramione shipper that was so devastated they didn't even have one good since till the end. I mean, why weren't the canon couple like them ended up as goals😂? Fortunately, they already have one iconic scene in PoA (both in the book and the movie).

20. Which class would be your favorite?

Charm and Transfiguration would be interesting!

21. Which spell do you think would be most useful to learn?

Definitely Accio! You know why😂 

22. Do you have any unpopular opinion about the series?

Do you know that a live-action Harry Potter TV series project is in discussion with HBO Max and Warner Bros? Some people think it's the worst idea ever after The Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts which wasn't about Harry Potter. For me personally, it's not a good idea either. But i thought at least there are still a lot of interesting stories that can be explored more deeply since many important scenes in the book were left on the table and made the story in the Harry Potter movies are very limited.

I don't think that's a good and a bad idea at the same time. Maybe the new generation needs new portrayal of Harry Potter in television? I don't know.. i'm just trying to be positive😂


So, that's all for me! Has anyone grown up with Harry Potter too and would like to answer some of the questions above? Feel free to share your opinions on your own blog! (or in the comment section below😜) Have fun!~

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25 komentar

  1. I'd never considered my self as a potterhead. Tapi setelah baca ini, ternyata aku tau semuanya, dong... Does it mean I'm one of them? :)))

    Anyway, setuju banget soal Weasley's twins. Kayaknya belum pernah ketemu yg benci mereka (kecuali villains di HarPot-nya sendiri ^^")

    Terus, untuk yang meleset antara ekspektasiku di buku sm di film itu, karakternya Cho Chang sm Cedric Diggory. Mungkin masalah selera, sih... tapi mereka berdua IMO tak se'wow' yang dituliskan di buku. Heuheu.

    1. Yaaaaassss! Mbak Hicha is one of us! Hahahaha excited banget jawabnya, saking seneng ketemu sesama potterhead🤣 Menurutku mbak Icha udah termasuk potterhead kalau tau semuanya soalnya🤣

      Even si Draco aja kadang masih bisa nikmatin kejahilan-kejahilan si Weasley ini nggak sih? Apa lagi kalau udah isengin guru. Haha aku lupa-lupa ingat soalnya. Kalau iya, berarti saking konyolnya mereka, villain aja sampe gak bisa ngikutin bobroknya😆

      Ah iya, ini juga aku setuju bangett! Aku jujur nggak merasakan chemistry yang wow banget kayak di buku. Pas si Diggory mati juga jatohnya B aja. Kelihatan sedih sih si Cho Chang, tapi kayak berasa ada yg kurang gitu. Mungkin karena memang dari awal di film keempat ini story-nya nggak terlalu ditonjolkan, seolah cuma sekadar jadi bumbu buat percintaan remaja Harry:'))

    2. Tosss dulu ah samaba Hicha! I'm also never considered myself as a Potterhead, Awl. Nggak berani sama yang Potterhead beneran soalnya aku cuma bucin versi film (entah udah nonton berulang-ulang nggak bosen samsek!) , while novel HP yang pernah kubaca cuma Batu Bertuah dan Chamber of Secret 🤣 cuma baca list di atas aku bisa jawab hampir semua juga lho bahahaha

      My favorite Weasley also the twins! Makanya nangis bombay pas nonton sekuel terakhir huhuhu

      Favo female character sebenernya pengen jawab Hermione jugak, tapi belakangan aku ngefans sama Molly Weasley. Menurutku dia ibu yang tabah, sabar dan kuattt. Dia tuh tipikal ibu-ibu pada umumnya banget. Punya anak kesayangan, lebih sayang sahabat anaknya sendiri (puk2 Ron 😆) dan ingin ngejagain seluruh keluarganya dengan baik. Molly i laff you full lah hihi ❤️

  2. Karena aku belum pernah nonton atau baca Harry Potter, jadi aku nggak bisa berkomentar banyak 😂

    Tapi seru lihat jawaban-jawaban, Awl! 😆. Aku mungkin akan suka Hermione juga karena Emma Watson yang memerankannya 🤣

    1. Emang seru banget iniii kak Li🤣 Sebenernya aku pun bingung saking banyaknya pertanyaan yang menarik, tapi karena takut kepanjangan, jadi dipotong aja jadi 22 biar sama kayak umur aku. Cielaah😆

      Kak Lia pasti bakalan sukaa sih haha, apalagi kalau ditonton pas lagi santai. Biasanya dulu film HP tayang pas liburan natal. Dan Emma Watson emang cocok dengan karakter Hermione karena karakternya mungkin hampir mirip, sama-sama aktivis dan bookworm, jadi nontonnya juga seru😬

      Ayokk cepet nonton sama baca bukunyaaa kak Li! Wkwkw ngeracunin🤣

    2. Serius Mba Lia?? Hayukk mba nonton buruan gih... wkwkwk jangan lumpat2. Dri yg pertama dulu.. hihihi🤣 malah jadiin ini resolusi tahun 2021.. wkwkkw #maksa..

  3. AWLLLL OMG!!! I'm a Potterhead too haha. I answered these kind of questions on my blog 5 years ago, but some questions are different from yours.

    Here's mine: https://aprilendah.blogspot.com/2016/09/potterhead-questions-tag.html

    We have similar answers for several questions lol (least fave book, fave professor, wash Snape's hair lmao, travel to Hogwarts by Hogwarts Express train, the difference of Ginny Weasley in books and movies, and fave spell lol who doesn't like accio right?).

    I want to answer the questions that were not included on my blog:
    13. What's your patronus? St. Bernard Dog (based on the Wizarding World quiz).
    15. Ride a Hippogriff, or ride a Firebolt? Firebolt, I don't think I can tame a Hippogriff.
    18. Your top thing (person or event) which wasn't included in the movie that annoyed you the most? They didn't include Professor Binns in the movie right? The ghost professor who taught History of Magic.
    20. Which class would be your favorite? Herbology, I love plants. xD
    22. Do you have any unpopular opinion about the series? Tbh it's still hard for me to imagine Hermione as a black woman. Don't get me wrong, I'm not racist. Just an opinion. I like her being portrait as a black woman tho.

    That's it, oh yes btw I'm a Ravenclaw. :p

  4. Baca postingan Awl jadi kangen banget sama Harry Potter, kayaknya aku harus baca ulang dan nonton ulang deh.

    Btw, dari beberapa pertanyaan kita punya jawaban yang sama nih. Mulai dari Fav villain, Wesley, female and male character dan kayaknya masih ada juga. Ngomongin film ke-4 aku setuju banget aku gak suka ngeliat Harry dan Ron rambutnya gondrong gitu 😑 ngeliatnya aneh banget, tapi dari segi cerita aku suka. Malah film ke-5 yang aku kurang suka.

    Ternyata pendukung Draco-Hermione ini emang banyak banget ya 🙈 Aku sih jujur aja pendukung Harry-Hermione tapi emang kayaknya mereka mah cocoknya jadi sahabat atau sodaraan gitu sih.

    Thanks sharingnya Awl jadi mengingat masa-masa indah nungguin film Harry Potter tayang di TV tiap natal 😆

    1. Mbak Tikaaa, tau ndaak? Aku pun nggak lama nulis ini jadi binge-watched Harry Potter lagi dari pertamaaa😆. Since kalau baca bukunya terlalu tebal dan aku malas, jadi better nonton filmnya aja lagi buat membayar rasa nostalgia inih, wkwkw. Ayo nonton juga mbaak😂

      Favorite villain, weasley, female sama male kayaknya memang nggak bisa buat nggak dipilih ya mbak, karakter mereka kuat banget soalnya dari awal sampai akhir🤧. Eh iyaa ya mbak, cerita di seri ke-5 kalau dipikir-pikir kurang ergghh gimana gitu, lebih banyak ilusinya karena Harry disini udah nggak bisa kontrol pikirannya dari Voldemort, mungkin karena udah mendekati ending juga. Kalau buku ke-4 tuh storynya masih ada cheerfulnya🤔 Kayaknya aku mulai agak goyah dengan pilihan aku nih mana least favorite movie🤣

      Banyak banget mbaaak pecinta dramione, apalagi di wattpad banyak banget yg bikin fanficnya😆 Tapi HarMione juga ada kok, ehehe. Dan sebetulnya HarMione lebih make sense sih daripada DraMione menurutku, karena mereka lebih mungkin untuk ended up as a couple. Kalau dramione kan musuh bebuyutan banget, ngobrol aja malahan gak pernah kayaknya kan😆

      By the way, anytime mbaak! Makasyi jugaa udah sharing hihi, aku ikutan bernostalgia juga baca komentar mbak Tika😁

  5. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

  6. Aaah menarik banget karena HP adalah nostalgia.��

    Senang ketemu sesama fans HarPot. Sayang serinya sudah tamat. Tapi untung saya bisa move on ke seri baru Fantastic Beast....sekarang suka banget tokoh Newt Scamander yang diperankan Eddie Redmayne ��

    1. Mbak Phebie ternyata Potterhead jugaaak?😱😍

      waaaaa seneng banget jadi bisa ketemu sesama potterhead juga di blog😆 untung kepikiran buat share Harry Potter Questions Tag disini🤣

      Iya yaa mbak, sayang banget ceritanya udah tamat. Padahal selalu pingin ngikutin cerita HP walaupun dia udah bukan murid Hogwarts lagi😂 tapi untungnya di Fantastic Beasts juga dimunculin lagi scene-scene di Hogwarts ya mbak, lumayan buat mengobati kangen sama Harry Potter🤧 Eddie Redmayne emang keren banget siiihh, aku juga ngefans banget sama Newt Scamander. Karakternya beda banget dari tokoh-tokoh yg terkenal di film Harry Potter😍

  7. Wuaaaaa, aku histeris baca iniiii... Kebucinan Harry Potter dalam diri langsung bergejolaaak. Terima kasih udah posting ini Mba Awl, jadi aku ikut nostalgia bareng jugaa.. Hehehhe..

    Aku coba jawab bbrapa ah, tp ntr komennya jd panjang bgd gpp lah yaaa. ^^

    - Fav book : Buku ke-4, malah bertolak belakang sama Mba Awl yaa. Hehehe. Karena ini adalah buku HP pertama yg aku baca dapet minjem dari temen n mmperkenalkan aku dg dunia sihir. Jd ada memori di situ. I even rewrote the story in my school notebook because I could no affort to buy the book that time.
    - Fav movie itu yg terakhir, karena aku paling suka scene 'always' nya Snape. Selalu membuat hati bergetar. huhu..
    - House, Slyterin of course. Apa lagi asrama paling loyal sesama mereka. Dan mereka selalu penuh perhitungan, and dont forget about the pride >.< (plis mba awl jngan musuin aku karena aku Slyterin. hahahha)
    - Fav character selain trio Harry-Hermione-Ron, Draco Malfoy. Simply because I love his smile. Dan dia ga pernah bener2 jahat sebenernya.
    - Fav class and prof : Snape and potion 'I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death.' Remember those words Mba Awl? Sama klo Hagrid dianggap prof, berarti tambah satu lagi Hagrid.
    - Mau juga bisa acio, buat mengatasi ke-mager-an ini. hahahha..
    - Unpopuler opinion : Aku ga pernah baca the cursed child (karena yg bikin bukan JK Rowling) dan Fantastic beast yang screen play. >.<

    Seruu banget Mba Awl bahas HP bareng gini. Salam potterhead ^^

    1. Waaaaa aku juga seneng bangeeets baca komentar mbak Thessaa, zeru jawabannya, hihi😍😍 Aku juga terinspirasi buat nulis tentang HP ini karena tulisan-tulisan mbak Thessa yg nyinggung tentang buku Harry Potter, jadi ikut bernostalgia deh😆 Tapi maaf baru sempat balas komentarnya ya mbak😢

      OMG cerita di balik kesukaan mbak Thessa sama buku keempat itu sih mirip banget sama punyaku😆 walaupun buku ketiga itu bukan buku yg pertama aku baca, tapi so far jadi yg terfavorit karena kebawa vibe filmnya yg apik. Makanya sempet bikin fanfic juga dengan cerita yg berlatar belakang mesin waktu atau time turner, wahahahah ketauan deh anaknya wattpad banget demen bikin fanfic🤣🤣 Tapi sejujurnya sih menurutku overall memang gak ada yg jelek buku Harry Potter tuh, soalnya aku juga bisa tetap nikmatin cerita seri keempat mbak, baik di buku atau film😍 and yesss, scene "always" itu setujuuuu bikin mewek bangeddd😭😭 apalagi waktu pas baca di buku kan story-nya lebih panjang dijelasinnya, itu imajinasiku jadinya terbawa hanyut banget sampe tenggorokan kerasa pekat gitu🤧 Terus pas nonton premiere-nya juga jadi ikut terhura lihat Alan Rickman, saking udah melekat banget peran Snape sama diaa huhuhu😭

      Waduuuu aku nggak menyangka mbak Thessa ternyata Slytherin😱😆 bisa bahasa parselmouth nggak mbak? wkakwkw *aseeheetsieetttthh🐍🐉* (sambil kebayang-bayang suara si harry😆)

      Exactly! Si Draco ini cuma tipe anak-anak yg jahil dan sombong karena ortunya berprivilege gitu kan yaa mbak😢 soalnya di akhir-akhir juga dia kayak bocah linglung yg gak punya pilihan antara jadi death eater atau nggak:(

      OMG OMG aku inget banget itu linenya, mbak Thessaa😱😱😱 *wkskw histeris banget bales komennya, Awl*🤣🤣 kayaknya itu line pertama Snape bukan sih mbak? Wakakak aku lupa lupa ingat soalnya pertama atau bukan😆

      Ah, seruu banget baca komentar mbak Thessa🤧 Apalagi nggak duga juga house-nya mbak ternyata Slytherin😨. Wihh, maaf nih mbak, kayaknya kita harus menjadi rival😏 *ehehe canda dengg😆

      By the way, akupun belum pernah baca The Cursed Child atau buku Fantastic Beast yg screenplay itu, mbak. Karena nggak niat juga😅 Kayaknya kalau disuruh milih, aku lebih pingin baca buku Quidditch Dari Masa ke Masa aja rather than The Cursed Child yg mana kontroversial dan lumayan agak melenceng jauh dari Harry Potter franchise. Kalau kata orang sih, ngadi ngadi ceritanya😂

      Hihi salam potterhead jugaaa mbak Thessaa!😍😍🐍🦁 luphh💞

    2. Salam potterhead mbaaa awl 😍😍

      Iyaa bener, itu kata2 pertama Snape pas hr pertama kelas Ramuan 😆😆
      Oiya mba, aku td kirim email. Kindly check yaaa 💖💖

    3. Yaaassss ternyata bener hahahaha, daya ingatku masih bagus ternyata🤣

      Wah iyakah mbak Thessa? Ini aku cek dulu yaa mbak, maafkan baru cek komentar soalnya😬

  8. Awwwll so fun jawab-jawabinnya!

    Agree so much with your answer about favorite Weasley family.. Who doesnt love the twins?? They're my favorite too, adorable, funny, just their presence can make everyone cheerful! Kecuali kalau udah kelewat jahil yaa minta dijewer banget 😂

    Btw The Halfblood Prince versi buku sama film sungguh jauh banget yaa? Kayaknya ini tuh yang paling banyak dipotongnya, kesel banget karena Battle on Astronomy Tower bener-bener dipangkas ggrrrr it was my least favorite movie but the book is my second favorite after The Prisoner of Azkaban 😊

    Ngomongin patronus, aku ada cerita unik dari patronusku yaitu dolphin. Dulu ada sahabatku sukaaa banget dolphin, sampai ringtone hape pun suara dolphin. Sadly dia meninggal tahun 2011an. Dan pas ikutan test patronus di pottermore, beberapa tahun setelah itu, aku dapetnya dolphin doong.. Kayak takjub sama mau nangis sendiri gitu langsung 😆

    Btw pertanyaan pilih keramasin Snape sama dengerin Lockhart ngoceh sumpah ngakak banget 😂😂 Capek banget dengerin tukang ngibul ngoceh wkwkwk

    Soal Ginny juga aaaaaa di film perannya dia seolah cuma jadi love interest Harry doang padahal she's much more than that huhuhu emang yaa dari film ini banyak banget yang dikomplain kalo udah tau bukunya wkwkwk

    1. Iyaaa nih kak Eyaa, having fun bangett. Ini bacain komentar-komentarnya juga nggak kalah fun, berasa nggak ada habisnya kalau udah ngomongin Harry Potter yaaa🤧😍😍😍

      Wakakaka kalau udah jahil emang kelewatan banget sih, kasian emak Molly ngomel-ngomel mulu, takut darah tinggi🤣 eh tapi as long as bukan kita yg dijailin sih lucu-lucu aja, kak Eya, wkwkwks *minta dijewer si Awl🤣🤣*

      Seingatku juga gituu kak, terus kalau di film HBP adegan-adegan belajarnya udah nggak ada gitu deh kayaknya. Sementara di buku masih ada sesi belajar di kelas. Aku inget banget pas murid-murid pada belajar mantra non-verbal sama apparate-disapparate, itu pada kocak dan menarik banget🤣. Jadi nyambung juga sama seri selanjutnya dimana dua materi pelajaran ini banyak dipake waktu Harry sama sohibulnya escape dari The Burrows. Dan yah, sayang juga battle di menara itu cuma singkat sesingkat-singkatnya. Kan nggak tega liat Dumbledore langsung meninggal gitu ajaa😭 huhu, tapi bingung juga sih kalau nonton film serba terbatas plotnya😢

      Yaampun kak Eya, i'm sorry to hear that😢 Nggak kebayang sih pasti mataku langsung berkaca-kaca juga kalau aku jadi kak Eya. Nggak nyangka patronus-nya bisa mirip gitu ya😢 Ini kalau wizarding world nyata, bisa aja patronus kak Eya yang asli juga dolphin karena ada memori bahagia yg unforgettable disana, hiksss🤧 Semoga sahabat kakak tenang disana yaa, kak, Aamiin🤧

      By the way, aku jawab pertanyaannya juga sambil ngakak sih kak ngebayangin si Lockhart ngerant muluuuu, wkwkw. Untung doi udah ke-obliviate jadi bisa say bhaaay🤣

      Exactlyy! Malahan jujur kalau lagi nonton HP, aku tuh suka ketuker sama scene yg ada di buku. Ngiranya part yg aku baca itu ada juga di film, gataunya gak ada. Akhirnya suka gak fokus nontonnya, kayaj "eh ini yg bener gimana sih kok gak ada scene ini", wkwkw rempong. Tapi overall lumayan bisa mengobati kalau lg ingin nostalgia ya😆

  9. Alasan belum ngikutin film Harpot karena belum baca bukunya. Rencananya tahun ini mau baca, untung-untung kalo bisa namatin dan lanjut nonton filmnya.

    Sebagai orang yang ngga ngikutin Harpot, saya ngerasa bisa menikmati jawaban kamu, Aina. Mungkin karena saya juga cukup familiar dengan beberapa karakternya.

    Kalo ada yang saya notice dari pembahasan kamu, itu adalah Prisoner of Azkaban yang beberapa kali kami sebut. Saya rasa itu memang mungkin jadi film yang keren di seri film Harpot kalo barometernya dari sutradara. Soalnya, yang pegang Cuaron, sutradara film Roma yang nyabet Oscar kemaren

    1. Ayooo Rahul pasti bisa nuntasin baca dan nonton franchise Harry Potter tahun ini! Haha maksa bet yak🤣

      Karakter-karakter yg disebutin memang karakter yg berarti dan berkesan banget secara keseluruhan cerita, jadi buat yg belum nonton Harry Potter pun pasti nggak akan asing banget dengernya😁 lumayan kan untuk meracuni Rahul dan teman-teman yg lain supaya cepet-cepet baca buku dan nonton filmnya, wahahaha *senyum jahat😏*😆😆

      Exactly, Rahul! Sejak saya tau kalau sutradara film ketiga ini Alfonso Cuaron, saya langsung excited kayak "oh pantes!!". Soalnya filmnya apik tenan, dan menurut saya pribadi sih jadi film yang paling akurat sama buku (so far kalau gak salah ingat🤔😂). Bahkan dari hal-hal detail semacam pemakaian seragam murid-muridnya yg digambarkan mulai nggak rapi alias berantakan ketika memasuki masa remaja, bikin Hogwarts terkesan lebih realistis ditonton. Terus eksperimen kecil-kecilannya waktu minta aktor pemeran Harry, Ron, dan Hermione menuliskan esai supaya dia bisa tau seberapa dalam para aktor ini masuk ke karakter. Dan maaasih banyak lagi alasan yg bikin film ketiga ini the best, menurut saya🤧 Nggak tau kalau menurut Rahul nanti gimana😂 jangan lupa dishare nanti pengalamannya sesudah nonton film HP ya, Hul!😆

  10. Haloo Awl..
    Dari penjelasan yang kamu sampaikan, nampaknya Harry Potter cukup menarik yaaa.. Aku sih baru nonton filmnya aja di Bioskop Trans tv haha
    Kalo novelnya, aku sempat baca di tahun 2016 rasanya, ada di perpustakaan kampus. Namun baru bacahanya sedikit. Puluhan halaman aja. Jadi pengen tahun ini untuk baca lagi, otw ke Perpustakaan Daerah nihh

    1. Halo, kak Dodo!😁
      Menarik bangett kak Dodoo, apalagi kalau ngikutin juga bukunya. Pasti experience-nya bakal kerasa lebih mantep karena ceritanya lebih luas lagi, dan banyak hal-hal lucu yang gak dimasukan di film😁
      Wah kalau udah sempet baca puluhan halaman sih udah pasti harus baca lanjutannya, kak Dodo, sayang kalau digantung😆

      *lagi-lagi ngeracunin mulu nih Awl🤦🏻‍♀️😂*

  11. When i saw this post on my reading list, i hurriedly clicked it becooozz i love this films. But unfortunately i still lazy to read the book huhu, so i just only could admire Harry Potter from the film.

    If i don't have any title to watch, i always watch every single HP's sequels😂 and if i have to decide what part i love the most or etc, i probably would be confused because i like them all hahaha

    1. Kak Ibeeel, i know how lazy it is when it comes to the book😆 (especially ketika udah menginjak dewasa dan disibukan dengan banyak hal, dan terlebih kalau bukunya tebal-tebal plus berseri pula🤣), so i feel you, wkwkw. Whether you just wanna
      read a book without watching the movies, or even just wanna watch the movies instead, actually both are pretty interesting to enjoy. Even the film itself really depicts the entire series imo, so that's okay😁

      LOL i often get confused myself as well whenever i want to watch HP, kak Ibel🤣 so i always ended up watch the whole series because i don't want to miss every single thing from the series (even though i already know the plot cuz yeahh, who doesn't watch harry potter for a couple times? 🤣🤣)

  12. Salam potterhead mba Awl.. hahah 😁
    Waktu mampir terus pas baca ada artikel ttg ini langsung buru2 pngen ninggalin jejak.. xixi

    Tapi nggk juga dink.. pengetahuanku ttg harry potter ya masih jauh dri Mba Awl..

    Setuju saya Mba.. Keluarga malfoy tuh sebenernya nggk pengecut bahkan di adegan film mereka kan smpat ngebantu Harry.. pokoknya di buku di jelasin semua.. The Boy who had no choice.. kasian sbnernya..

    Wahh keren sih filmnya maupun bukunya..

    Ngomongin ttg spell yg berguna.. saya pun yh mikir pngen bisa Accio biar gampang nyari barang2 ilang.. 😆 sering ketilep soalnya.

    Kalau patrounus mngkin patrounus saya ikan kali yah.. secara saya suka banget sama ikan. Heheh 😆

    Kalau mba Awl ada scene favorit nggk di film? Kalau saya scene sewaktu mereka ngelindungi hogwarts dri you know who dan pasukannya.. 😆😆 merinding banget sih waktu prof. McGonagall bilang Piertotum Locomotor...