Goodbye Wasteful Life, Welcome Minimalism

by - Oktober 24, 2019

the importance of minimalism in our lives

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Do you often use SNS such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter? Most of the time, there's a lot of people who don't feel comfortable when they don't check social media in a day, do they?

My curiosity about this issue led me to one of the shocking videos on youtube about someone's experience when he was using social media. He talked about why he stopped for being active on SNS since last year. Social media which initially made people's connection more convenient has recently been flooded with various commercial advertisements, which seem to make its users buy more and more unnecessary products. He said that he came to quit SNS/social media because he wanted to free of wasteful life. After watched his video, I started thinking about how much time I usually spend on social media and how it affects my life.

One of the effects that i feel of using SNS intensively is wasteful lifestyle that has increased in my life. I often use Instagram to see interesting online stores and various products. When I see a post from a celebrity promoting a product or a friend showing me what he or she's bought, I feel that I want it, and even if I don't need it, I search for the same product on the Internet and buy it. This clearly shows that my money and my time are being taken away by SNS. In addition to spending money to buy things, you should also not forget the internet bill or quota to use SNS.

Don't you think online stores have really changed our consumption patterns? In the past, only products and services that required their functions were selected. But lately, the concept has turned into a lifestyle that always wants to impress others. If this impulsive behavior continues, I'm worried that this will have a negative impact not only for ourselves, but also to our environment. For example, women often buy several similar clothes, and men often buy cool appliances without thinking whether they're really need those or not. Some people buy and post popular items to get lots of likes on SNS. As a result, lifestyles become more irregular, less serious selection of goods, and often feels deceived after buying. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to return to the lifestyle pattern of buying a product based on whether it is necessary, rather than buying it only for showing off to people.

One thing we can do to overcome this is to incorporate minimalism into our lifestyle. Minimalism itself is "an effort to throw away useless things and choose only what is really needed."

Have you guys heard about Marie Kondo?

She is a Japanese who is gaining popularity as a consultant who practicing a lifestyle of minimalism. Her idea is called the 'Conmari Method', which is "throw away unnecessary things", "value things that calm down and make you happy", and "give yourself time to concentrate on important things in life". I think that this minimalism concept can prevent unnecessary shopping that we always do.

If you think about it, you certainly buy products for use, not to impress people, right? I think it can be good first step to start a minimalism life using the Conmari Method and avoid a wasteful life. So you can be more thankful for what you have and give them to those who need it more. In this way, we cannot only make ourselves happy, but also make others feel the same way.

So, what about SNS?

SNS itself is difficult to change. Only you who can change. It can be used for positive things such as a campaign to spread the lifestyle of minimalism using SNS. So one of the things you need to do on SNS is to post photos of people doing minimalism, share the benefits of the "Conmari Method", and tell others what the results will be. I myself would like to reduce online shopping and implement this great concept of Marie Kondo! How about you?

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1 komentar

  1. Wow great.. Useless thing comes from useless activity. It sounds relate, right?

    For me as a beginner of minimalism, need itself means that we have to know ourself. We know we need something or just only want it, it depends on us as an owner of our mind.

    So that why people always relate minimalism with mindful. Choosing something needs a whole of knowing our body and mind. Waw so deep.